Pricing on our Premium Shrink Wrap Installations

Custom 9 mil Polyethylene Shrink Wrap Installations
Recommended for all larger applications that have uneven dimensions and strength is a must.  If the product is going to move, it's considered a transport wrap and pricing is as below.

     It's easy!                     $15.00 per lineal ft of product, not square feet  

  Polyethylene Shrink Wrap for seasonal storage in 7 mil

       Again, a breeze!            $10 per lineal ft of product, not square feet 

Pick points for crane lifts

$30 per pick point
Zipper access doors will be added to all storage applications

         Access door        $30.00
Keep the door at the end of the season.  There is no charge for reapplication of your door for the next storage season.

Custom Enclosures as bid .  We will bid anything that can be wrapped safely.

Serving Washington state 

Eastside Mobile Shrink Wrap